Bruce Wayne by Alex Ross

Bruce Wayne by Alex Ross

Back in the winter of 2011, I got to work on a very interesting project for my Graphic Design 3 class. During the entire semester we were assigned to markup a Perfume/Cologne campaign based on a fictional character.  I was first hesitated of choosing Bruce Wayne as I thought it must be over done by now, but after numerous hours of researching on google I only came across few similar theme projects. These projects were mostly based on role of Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, which makes me feel that this project hasn't really been done before. It was then I decided that Bruce Wayne is going to be my character and also my concentration for the next 5 months.    



I begin my research by asking this question. For weeks, I was a hired detective trying to find everything about this unique individual. The first place I went was the our local comic shop, hoping that I can find a deeper look on his past, history, and most importantly his personalty. While at the shop I was asking numerous people on how has the comic books portrayed him during the last few decades? Is he the same bruce wayne as in the early 40s? Their answer for me was that Bruce Wayne might have a change of appearance over these past few decades, but his moral and his legacy has much kept the same. 


My goal for this campaign was to show that Bruce Wayne is much more then just a fancy playboy, that when he takes off the mask he's still very much a sincere and mysterious figure. Truly the only person that knows him is his humble servant Alfred. 

To the public,  Bruce Wayne is everything. He is the legend of the city of Gotham. An icon that stood the meaning of power, fortune, and fame. After the murder of his parents Bruce was left everything that father built upon. Wayne's Enterprise is the backbone of Gotham City (Chicago), without it there will be no Gotham. 

Much liked the World Trade Center, Wayne Tower symbolize Power and Hope for people of Gotham. 


Many actors has portrait the role the of Bruce Wayne, but the three that I remembered the most were Michael Keaton from the original Tim Burton's version, George Clooney and his nipple suit in Batman and Robin, and finally Christian Bale in the recently trilogy by Christopher Nolan. Each actor brought their own look and feel for the role of Bruce Wayne, but in my opinion Christian Bale was my most favorite representation of the character. He really showed the hardship and the pain that wayne goes through over the course of his life, that the steps to become a legend was not easy. Watching Batman Begins really gave me in deeper insight of the character and the roots of where he came from.   


So for the question who exactly is Bruce Wayne?  and how does you portrait him in a cologne campaign? Well the answer is that Mr. Wayne is a very complex character, but in the public eyes Bruce is truly a living legend. With the Legacy of Wayne Enterprise and the his devotion to his moral he has become a legend of his time. With all of this info in my head, I finally started to draft my first piece of this campaign and that is the logo.


The Logo

Our first task with give the Cologne a name along with a logo.  From the beginning, I know I was going to named the cologne "The Night", since I want this campaign to target to more higher class people that venture out into night.  


For the typography of the name I chose to use Trade Gothic LT std Light, its much more refine then using helvetica, plus i just love elegance the font brings.  



When I start doing the initial drafts for the logo I keep having the mindset to design a new bat logo, but my common sense finally hits that this is Bruce Wayne not Batman. 

My idea was combining the letter W and design of  Wayne Tower. There are few logos on internet I stumble across, but they are seem too goof for my taste. I wanted a logo that has fine structures, which when you see it for the first time it makes you feel important and worthy. 



This was my initial concept, but it quickly scraped because it feel too generic. 


The final concept was much more refine in the edges (above).  



The Bottle  


The next task was to design the bottle. Since I have no background in product design the best thing I can do is to sort through hundreds of bottle design and hopefully come up with a design that resemble the essence of Bruce Wayne.  

The two that I have chosen was one made Mont Blanc called legend, and one from BVLGARI called "After Shave". For the Bvlgari bottle, I really liked the open part, it very elegant and grand. As for the mont blanc bottle I liked the shape and curve that goes really well with top from BVLARI.



The final design of the bottle was the process of combining the design of both bottle to form a bottle that I think represent the pride and style of Bruce Wayne. I feel that the bottle also goes well with the logo 

2finalbottles copy.jpg


The Campaign


The first two posters are for the streets and big billboards.  


The next two are mainly for department stores like Macy's and Dillard's. 

120 copy.jpg

Here are some mock up of the campaign in the real world.  

The Invitation  


The last piece of this campaign was to design a invitation to sent out to the press and the VIP's for the grand release party for the Cologne. This party is not just for Bruce Wayne, but also the Wayne Enterprise itself, so I feel the need to make this invitation a bit more special. 


My idea was that everyone who's invited will receive a special QR code and by using their smartphone they can scan the code and download a special app that briefly describe the product, but also to print out the location for the party.  


CODE copy.jpg