There’s a quote by the great philosopher Terence McKenna that reads, Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored”.It symbolizes that we are very much connected to everything that surround us; in many ways we have a strong emotional bond with nature.

For my Graphic Design Senior Thesis I want to find and explore this unique connection and show it through the art of Photography and Design. I have been searching for an opportunity to string all of my past work into a single idea, so this was the perfect chance to express thoughts and concepts.   From concept to the actual show this whole project took a total of 4 Months to complete. 


The Logo

Just like any identity package, it starts with a logo. This was my own identity package, my own branding, so I wanted to make sure that this logo is the true representation of my body of works.  I have been doing photography for almost five years. Looking over my archive of my past work I have to come to realized that my work consist of two themes which are Season and Nature. So the goal for the logo was to represent both of these themes thats elegant and easy to understand.

My initial thought for the logo was simply a tree that's in the color of the seasons, but I felt that it was too mundane and does not work with the flow of the whole project. I wanted the logo to be simple, yet elegant. After numerous sketches and bottles of horizon organic chocolate milk, I've finally found the direction I was looking for. 

Every time somebody mentions about the seasons the first thing that came through my mind are those vivid imageries of leaves going through difference phases of colors as the season changes. This concept was my main inspiration for the design of the logo, as well as the main set pieces for the show. 


The Chapters

Much like mankind, Nature can show its emotional side through the changing of the seasons. The seasons are the key elements of this special connection between nature and mankind. For me, each season shows a progression of our own emotional stages. Our emotions run deep within, from love to hatred, I believe our emotional stages have the same cycle as the seasons. With each season representing a chapter of our emotion progression. I believe the best way to show this progression is through photography, in which an image can convey thoughts, ideas, or events to which words alone sometimes cannot do justice.


The design aspect of this project ties in the concept of that nature is ourselves, and that we all have chapters in our lifetime that we endure our own emotional struggles. We are the seasons of emotions. 

Photography isn’t just an interest for me, it’s a passion, that helps me express my personal creativity. My goal for this project was to give a sense of emotional bonding with the viewers through photography.


For the show, I want the audience to feel and see the chapters of the seasons, so I decided to spread pages of the chapters into accordion folds. With each chapter I have chosen a photo to summarize the emotional stage of each season. 


CHAPTER 1 - Winter 

I believe for the seasons to truly represent our inner emotions we have to go backwards, and that Winter comes first in the Seasons of Emotions. During our lifetime, we get hit by many obstacles that we often find ourself at our lowest point, but only then that we will find ourself to accept the change and get back on our feet. Winter is a period of time for migration, a change to the new year,  and also a fresh start.  



CHAPTER 2 - Autumn

Once we accepted the Change we have to make, the next stage is hope. This is a crucial time period as this is the time when our emotions slowly turned away from the dark side and into  , in which we starts to believe in ourselves. When we trust in ourselves in what we do, that's when we can accepted hope into our lives. To hope is to believe. 



CHAPTER 3 - Summer

Summer is the stage when we are fully trust within ourselves, and is very much represented through our inner emotions. During this period we are more outgoing, we have much more confident in ourselves than before. We have climbed out of our caves, and became a vibrant sunflower thats shining with hopes and dreams. We have accepted the changes that we needed to make, and in result we finally gain a sign of hope; which is also vital that we grasp this precious moment and continue to believe in ourselves.   




CHAPTER 4 - Spring


The final chapter is titled Growth, its the conclusion that completes the our cycle of our emotions. During this final stage, we look back and learned from our past mistakes,  we seek the growth that we endure during this whole experience. Spring is the season for growth, and also the season that represents a new beginning. 



The Cover  

Much like every book, it needs a cover and the back. I wanted to keep everything simple and clean, to which to keep everything in line with the chapters.  


The Show

I got the chance to show my senior show at really art gallery, since I wasn't satisfied with our own school lighting. The show was held at Gallery 56, and I am glad that all of friends came out to support me.