Teresa & Ryan | Ocean Isle Beach | 2016

I've been to many weddings over the years but seeing you childhood best friend getting married is something else. I met Teresa back in sixth grade, and we've been buddies ever since. There was bit rough patch when we first met, but I'm glad we got that sorted out. Haha (Please don't kill me, Teresa). After more than a decade of Friendship, we've always got each other back and along the way, we added a weirdo name Jack to the group. From Middle School till now, we three have been through so many tough moments, but I am glad that no matter what happens our core value of friendship remain the same. One thing for sure, she will always be the Hermione in our group of three. 

Teresa met Ryan during her time at UNC for her Ph.D., and the two has become partners in crime ever since. Both of them are extremely hard working and driven individuals. Though according to the wedding, Teresa does make better grades than Ryan (Haha). This blog post is dedicated to the two lovebirds and the celebration of their marriage. I know both of them spent endless time on planning this big event, and I tried my best to show a little behind of the scene of this magical little weekend getaway. 




This was my first time attend a beach wedding. I've seen photos of people getting married on a beach, but the experience of visiting one totally blown away my expectation. The view and the weather were just perfect for the ceremony. Ocean Isle Beach is a small seaside town located in Brunswick County, North Carolina. After visiting Myrtle Beach after the wedding, I think it was an excellent choice to have the Wedding at Ocean Isle. In comparison to Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isle is a more elegant beach but most important it's less crowded. 


From Wiki: The town occupies the entire barrier island of Ocean Isle Beach, extending 5 miles from Tubbs Inlet on the west to Shallotte Inlet on the east. The town also extends north onto the mainland along North Carolina Highway 904.


It's about an hour drive from the Myrtle Beach International Airport to Ocean Isle. This was my first time visiting North Carolina and the East Coast. Comparing to the West Coast, the East Coast have its own charm and scenery spots. 



Unlike most beaches I've been to, this beach probably the most well managed. The whole beach was spotless. There's no trash anywhere. The perfect destination for weddings and engagement photo sessions. 


Another wedding was happening right across from Teresa and Ryan Beach house. 


I am not sure how much was to rent one of these beach houses, but I have to say is well worth it. Besides full furnish rooms, the view from the porch side was breathtaking. 


BBQ and Crabs were the main dishes of the evening. I finally got to meet Teresa cousins for the first time, which I heard so much about over the years. Plus it been awhile since I got the chance to see her parents, so it was quite weird that I feel like a family reunion for me... even though I am not part of the family. 


So peaceful, really make me wanna move to North Carolina



I spent most the first day walking alongside the beach and just try to enjoy the view as much as possible. 


I think most of these houses you can rent/find on Airbnb. The privately owned hotel style homes are on the rise, and I expect no less especially at a location like Ocean Isle. 





The actual ceremony was taken place at a venue near the beach. The decoration was simple but elegant. 

This is Jack. He looks happy and excited. 

Teresa and her stunning dress along with her never aging dad. Long story short people got mistaking me for her dad than her real dad. 

Happy Married Couple take one

Happy Married Couple take two

The reception area was covered with bright red decoration as part of Chinese Traditions. I have a sense they combined both western and eastern culture during the planning period. 


Cupcakes! These red velvet cupcakes are some of the best tasting cupcakes I ever had. Most traditional wedding cakes are bit too sweet, but here the taste was just right. 



didn't take many photos during the dancing session, but this one photo pretty much summarizes everything.


As the sun about to set, we headed to the beach for the couple's spontaneous photo session. 


FYI: This guy is not the wedding photographer


Feel like the bridesmaids dress was chosen to match with the sand. 


Here is the real wedding photographer and the newlywed. Teresa bright Red traditional Chinese dress really shines in this subtle color environment. 


I think this is Teresa's cousin and I believe she didn't know how cold the water was going to be. 


I am in love with the color of the sky. 

The unofficial wedding party


The last part of the wedding was to send the couple off with bubbles, but I believe in these three photos there were at least 10 attempts in trying capture that perfect moment. 


Photo By: Anthony Chiang

Photo By: Anthony Chiang

Photo by: Anthony Chiang

Photo by: Anthony Chiang

Photo By: Anthony Chiang

Photo By: Anthony Chiang

During the night, we had the bright idea of doing some long exposure painting using Anthony's new camera. We didn't have a tripod but it actually came out ok.  



During our final day, we all decided to wake up early for the sunrise. I have to say this is most epic and beautiful sunrise I've yet witnessed. Sadly, My camera ISO setting went crazy and most of these came out grainy. 


This wedding is one of my most memorable events in my life that I got to attend. I've known Teresa for almost 14 years now, and until this very day, she is still one of the few people that I look up to. I have faith that Ryan is the perfect soulmate for Teresa and that they both will cherish this special bond in Marriage.