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Shanghai | 2015

Shanghai was my home for nine years, but the Shanghai now is a lot different then the Shanghai I used to know.  Now it's one of the major city in the world, and its the hallmark of China. With the population nearly at 25million, it's also the most populated city in the world. It's been three years since my last visit, and so much has changed in term of development. The city is building something new just about every day of the year. My primary concern is the ongoing problem with the air quality in China. Smog will be China's major issue to tackle in next 20 years. 

Part one will mainly cover all the foodie place I got to visit during my stay. We tried nearly 40 different restaurants, but I'm only to named few that I think it's worthy of your time. Shanghai is known for its sweet delicacy but over the recent years, there's been a vast of restaurants that try to do a fusion between sweet, spicy, and sour taste. Spicy food especially Sichuan dishes has been a huge hit in Shanghai recently, and it's the first restaurant we are visiting. Most of these restaurants are located in many of mega malls in shanghai.


Cloud Nine Mall is a Large-scale, multi-functional retail centre located at one of Shanghai’s transportation hubs, Cloud Nine is a city within a city and a landmark in the Zhongshan Park commercial circle. This mall is nearly eight stories high with nearly hundreds of name brand shops and restaurants.

Cloud Nine is located in western Shanghai, near Zhongshan Park. The park itself is just to the north and to the north of that is Suzhou Creek. Most of restaurants i got the chance was located inside this mega mall. 


Cloud Nine Shopping Mall




Jiang Bian Gheng Wai is known for their Sichuan fish dish. All the fish come butterflied on trays, blackened into delightful stickiness and covered with a thick blanket of your topping of choice. The interior is juicy and infused with smokiness, especially once it starts bubbling from the coal stove beneath. Warning, it's a bit spicy if you never try Sichuan food before, but it's worth it to try it out as their

To order you first select the variety of fish – There are 4 or 5 different kinds of fish available and they are listed in the menu. You can just point to the kind of fish you want. Then you decide on the weight of the fish, the more people the bigger the platter. Finally, you decide on the flavor which can be prepared in a variety of flavors, including flavors like spicy garlic or onion and vegetables. The menu goes on for pages describing the flavors. The best part of the menus is that there is a full page picture of each flavor.


Jiang Bian Cheng Wai






Shanghai is known for its delicacy, and Xiaolongbao (Soup Dumplings) is one of the best known dim sums in the world. Din Tai Fung was originated from Taiwan and in recent years, it has exploded all over the world including here in the States. Ding Tai Fung was one of the top restaurants in the world by the "New York Times" and was also awarded one Michelin Star by the Hong Kong and Macau Michelin Guide in 2010.

Their Xiaolongbao is lot crafted compare the one you get at many other restaurants, the thin fragile skins break to drown your mouth in soupy goodness, and the pork is beautifully seasoned with just the right blend of fat to meat ratio. The place is clean and service is great. Beside the usual, we also got their other dishes including the Shao Mai and fried rice.  i would recommend you either make a reservation cause the line get a bit long during both lunch and dinner hours.


Din Tai Fung





Nanxiang Steamed Bun is also one of the prominent places to get Xiaolongbao in Shanghai. Located inside of The City Temple of God, which is one of the oldest temples in Shanghai. The temple now serves as a tourist attraction surrounded by numerous gift shops and restaurants. Nanxing has three level; the first floor is mainly for people on the go, the next is if you only want Xiaolongbao, and the third-floor serve as an excellent dining restaurant where they also offer many other delicacies. I would suggest you visit the place at night and during the week days as the during the weekends, it gets a bit crowded. 


Nanxiang Steamed Bun





The Dolar Shop Hot Pot is my new favorite place in Shanghai. Each personal gets a fantastic choice for their own hot pot, and an expansive selection of meat and vegetable along with varieties of sauces as well. You start by picking the broth; you can select from a range of flavors, including spicy and non-spicy. Then, select your meat, fish, vegetable or combinations. Finally, visit the sauce bar and put together two or three dipping sauces from a variety of different ingredients.

What impressed me apart from the food, was that the restaurant was spotlessly clean. The price is decent as well, not as expensive I thought it would be. Perfect place to go on a rainy day or during the winter season. 


Dolar Shop Hot Pot