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Retrospect | D.C. P2 + Smithsonian

Part 1 can be found here.


Our trip continues the next day with the visit to the Smithsonian Museum and got the chance to see the "outside" of The White House. The weather started to get really bad as the day goes on, so my dad and I were rushing to see everything we can. 

Just my luck that the time we went to the Smithsonian, the Art Museum was closed for remodeling?! But the contemporary art museum was still open for exhibit. Ai Wei Wei (艾未未) was the main exhibition during our visit. He was a political activist, who has been openly critical of the Chinese Government's stance on democracy and human rights. Beyond all the political controversy, his art work by itself was simply stunning to witness. He was main designer behind the Bird Nest Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

Also I want to thank my good pal Kelly who took us around the captiol area to see the white house, and also showed us that there are decent Chinese restaurant in the States. 

So here we go. Part 2 of D.C



As my dad got to do some errands, I got chance to tour a little around the suburbs of DC. Not much difference from Memphis in my Opinion. Found this Audi Q5 in middle of the street and had to take a picture, in my opinion the Q5 is my ideal SUV compare to the BMW X3. 



But then again I can always go for this Classic Chevrolet Caprice




Peaceful Moring. Just before the Morning Rush Hour.


Beautiful town houses. Great mood and atmosphere.


Never a fan of smart cars. Just feel toyish. 



I would not mind living here. But I bet the living cost is super expansive. 


Washington Vibe


People here really care for their plants. Unlike my mom. 




insert sunday morning lyrics here


i believe these are called Garden Coreopsis




With the full frame, I can now take full advantage of my 50mm.




Found a lovely looking scouter. Red seem like a good color. 




This is probably my most 'muerica picture I've ever taken. Look like a scene from a film. 




somehow this remind me of boston


Went around too early. Most of the local shops were still closed. 



I’ve been wanting to visit the Smithsonian for ages. So it was truly dream come true. Thought it be great if the Art Museum wasn’t closed for remodeling, but still it was a great learning experience. See the Aviation really remind just how far we have come since the days of the Wright brothers. Thought during the whole visit I had Sorceress’s Aviator playing in the back of my head.








Haha I will never be a pilot, cause my ADHD will cause me tp press every button on this panel. 










The Boeing X-45. The next generation of completely autonomous military aircraft






where it all begins. The wright brother's first plane.





Walking toward the Smithsonian Contemporary Art Museum aka HIRSHHORN

Here is Ai Wei Wei Artist Statement if you are more interested in the Exhibit.


The funny thing was that I just saw a documentary on Ai Wei Wei weeks before
the trip for my philosophy class. So it was pretty cool to see his work in person.

Here you can see the construction for the Bird Nest Stadium

PS Few images below might get offensive.


Ai Weiwei, “Kippe”

Ai Weiwei, “Kippe”

All of his work has this grand feel to it. Both emotionally and physically. 

"I think there is a responsibility for any artist to protect freedom of expression."

- Ai Weiwei


My dad lived most of his life as a communist, but after living here in the states he slowly begin to see things much different now. So it was pretty interesting to hear what have to say about Ai Wei Wei.










Beside the bike and the chairs, this is my favorite piece from the exhibition.
The title of piece is called Cube Light, and its made out of Glass Crystal, Lights, and Metal.



This blog will always be neutral when its comes stuff like this.
You on your own opinion when you view these two images. 



Ai Weiwei's documentary Never Sorry is a fasincating watch if you really
want to know the true meaning behind these images. 



Ai Weiwei, “Straight” (2008-12), steel rebar (38 tons)   

Ai Weiwei, “Straight” (2008-12), steel rebar (38 tons)









Ai Weiwei, “He Xie” (2010- ), 3,200 porcelain crabs

Ai Weiwei, “He Xie” (2010- ), 3,200 porcelain crabs





Colored Vases  , 2007-2010. 

Colored Vases, 2007-2010. 



Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn

Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn



   Moon Chest  , 2008

 Moon Chest, 2008





Ai Weiwei,  Grapes , 2010.

Ai Weiwei, Grapes, 2010.

The famous chairs exhibition


   Divina Proportione  , 2006;   F-Size  , 2011.

 Divina Proportione, 2006; F-Size, 2011.



I remembered I took this picture cause the wall behind me pretty much described my final senior semester.  My Senior Thesis took me nearly 5 months to complete and nearly two years for capturing the right images for the show.




Ron Mueck's "Big Man"

Ron Mueck's "Big Man"

Some of the permanent collection. This fellow look like he need some love. 


Wayne Gonzales, “Pentagon,” 2004–2005.

Wayne Gonzales, “Pentagon,” 2004–2005.



Allan McCollum's "40 Plaster Surrogates"  (1982-90) 

Allan McCollum's "40 Plaster Surrogates"  (1982-90) 








Here was suppose to be the entrance of the art museum


Near George Washington Medical School visiting my buddy/tour guide Kelly. 








The visit to the White House was quiet underwhelming. Probably cause I’ve seen too much movies where this place usually gets over taken by bad guys.


Meet my Dad. 
Thats the National Treasury Building behind us.


Walking around washington street as the storm slowly approaching us.








DC does often get a lot of rain throughout the year








The rain was pouring when we came out from dinner. Also it was my first time
here in the States calling a cab.


As always he sometime forget he have a son. Overall this trip was most my memorable one in recent memory. I do really enjoy traveling with my Dad as he very energetic in going places. He barely gets a day off throughout the years, and even he does gets time off he normally spends at working around the house. So it was truly a bliss for me to see him finally feel relaxed and enjoy the gorgeous scenery that DC offers.

I am pretty sure I am coming back in the near future, cause I can’t believe we didn’t visit the Vietnam Memorial. I wished I found out about Maya Lin before the trip. DC does have some decent Chinese food, and somewhat a real Chinatown.

This will be my last blog post till mid August. At the end of July, Me and a very special buddy of my will travel to San Diego for the International Comic Con! So the next few posts will be big and I promise it will worth the wait.