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Retrospect | Washington D.C.

In the fall of 2012 I took a small trip with my dad to the nation's capital. It was the first time I got to visit Washington, D.C., but most importantly it was my first time taking a father and son trip since my kindergarden days. I was raised by my grandma during most of my childhood mainly because my parents would be out of town most of time for business trips. So this trip has been the most memorable one in my recent memory. It was father's day was last week so I would like to dedicate this post to the man who have sacrificed so much for me to have a better future. 

Washington, D.C. was simply beautiful. That year was when I upgraded my old Nikon D80 to the new Nikon D800, along I also borrowed the legendary 14-24mm at f/2.8. So I was well prepared for this trip. 

So without further adieu. Heres part one of my adventure in DC. Get a cup of tea and enjoy the photos. 




We arrived at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport around mid noon and it was packed! I really love the design of the airport, it give this grand vibe everywhere. 



The whole airport was dominated by this huge flag. Really remind yourself you are in the land of the free.




The huge glass panels really brighten the place. The weather was perfect when we arrived, but not so much the next few days 



The airport was beautiful, but finding a place to rent a car was big hassle


We almost walked the entire airport to finally figured out that the car rental place is at the garage.


My dad’s favorite hobby is actually traveling, unlike my mom who just like to stay home or go shopping.


Living in Memphis all these years really made me forgot there a thing called subway. 


I gotta say that DC subway is a lot better than NYC subway 


After getting the D800 I was just amazed the dynamic range on this camera.
Plus the full frame made my nifty fifty a real nifty fifty.


The subway station at DC is a design marvel on its own. 


I feel like batman walking through these tunnels 


One thing I do favor the most is that is not crowed. Every time I go back to China and ride the subway people seem to ALWAYS invading your personal space. 


I could totally imagine deadmau5 hold a concert here.


Off we go to the National Mall


Got to try out of the new function on my D800. One of them is video.


in and out



Everywhere I go it remind me of National Treasure. I wonder why. 


And here we are. The National Mall.


I really wished the weather was this nice this during the entire trip.
It got cloudy the next day.


This place look a LOT bigger in person. 


Beautiful day for Joggers and Bikers 


The other side which you can see the tiny US Capitol Building.


Seem like a beautiful place to bring your date.


I want to retire right now. 


The Grand view of the Washington Monument.


The sun slowly sitting as we walking toward Lincoln Memorial.


I totally forgot that at 14mm the lens can cause distortion.


The memorial to the man who chopped down a cherry tree. (or did he?)


We went around october so there was a huge event for breast cancer awareness month.


The circle of flags


My dad and his wild hair. One of my joy for this trip was to see him finally
let down his guard and take time to enjoy life. 


We are getting close to Lincoln Memorial, which always remind that horrible
Planet of Apes movie back in the early 2000s.


All walks of life.


 National World War II Memorial 




Carving of the brave souls who fought the war. 


We didn’t have time to visit the Vietnam Memorial. Maya Lin has been a idol of my.
But I will return in very near future






Here are 50 states surrounding the fountain.


tiny lincoln memorial 


Sunset is fast approaching so we were walking fast as we could.


This plane keep circling around the memorial. Maybe its a security thing.




I feel like Rocky climbing those stair. Thought Philadelphia is not that far away.


The Lincoln Memorial. For all we know he could have save us from zombie apocalypse.




If you closer theres Selfie everywhere. 












The sun sets peacefully from the west. 
















Finding a restaurant around Nation Mall is probably most tiring thing ever.
My dad and Iwonder cluelessly for almost an hour to finally found places to eat.




Figure. we cluelessly wondering into DC Chinatown. 






Well this is the end of part one of our journey. Coming up next is a look at the
Smithsonian Museum.