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Winter Storm 2014




iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

Spring is finally here! sort of. This past winter has been just miserable. It was so cold that one week we were actually colder than in New York. We had two major winter storms this past winter, but I only got the chance to capture one of them.

Me and my partner in crime took a little trip down to the river to see if we can take some memphis winter scenery. It was so cold we end up hiding inside the car. I serious need to remind myself to get some decent gloves for the next winter photo adventure. 



By the time we headed out most of the snow had melted.  


The snow might be melted but it was still pouring down pretty hard. 



By the time we got to downtown, literally everything was frozen. It was almost impossible to walk on the sidewalk. 


Here's the view from Riverside Dr. 


Close to sunset we finally saw a little glimps of the sun. 

Saw this little fellow when we were walking towards the river. Love his little blanket the owner put on him to keep him warm. 

Lovely family.

We cant walk down there, so we ended up just taking the bridge. 

The road got a lot better by afternoon. I remember I had to pick up a friend from the airport and was literally driving 20mph on the way back. 

View from Main St 

There was a reason why Frozen stay on top of the box office after months of release. 

The full view of the bridge. It looks lovely during sunset. 

The sun was quickly starting to fad, so we starts heading toward to the other side of river side dr. aka harbor town. 

Quick shot of a bench! lol



Heres a full view of the river 

I had always wanted a mini cooper ever since I watched the movie The Italian Job.


Cecil C Humphreys School of Law 

heading towards Harbor Town 

Living in Memphis all those years I've never know this place existed till my freshman year in college when I met a friend actually lives here. Harbor Town is a little area by river side, I just love all the town houses that kinda make you feel like you are in San Diego/San Francisco. 


After I found about this place I have no idea how times I came here after class. Its a peaceful and quite place for relaxation, plus its probably the best place to for sunset photography.


The entire place was covered with snow/ice. It truly felt like winter wonderland. 


The trees really give this vibe for sense of wonder. 


All the trees has its own characteristic.

Lovely 50mm and its bokeh

We got there just in time for the golden hour. 


Feel like I am in Narina, Mr. Tumnus should be somewhere in this picture. 

Winter and its full Glory

This was the last shot I took before I escape into car since my hand basically start hurting really bad. Sorry for long delay in term of posting, but now that I got my new computer processing photos should be less stressful and more time efficient.