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RETRO | NOLA12 | 02
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Happy New Year! This following blog post was supposed to be up last month, but my schedule got a bit crazy during the Holidays. Hope everyone had an excellent holiday season! I got to see a bunch of my old friends who came back in town for the holidays. Without further ado here is part two of my journey in NOLA.

Visiting a Beach in the middle of March is a bit awkward. With temperature blow 40 degrees clearly it was not the ideal time of the year to visit a beach, but none the less we got the chance to witness the view while eating breakfast inside of a McDonald. 

If you live in New Orleans, Long Beach is perfect summer trip since its only an hour drive.  I remembered it was pouring hard on our way drive there, but we got used to it on every road trip we took in the past it always end up on storming days.

We witness numerous areas that are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. The new houses that are under construction is taking more effort in the foundation of the housing, to make sure it can stand on high water level. 




Flock of seagulls welcomed our arrival at the beach.  Walking on the beach along with the weather felt I was in a Roman Polanski film (The Ghost Writer).



According to Wiki: Long Beach's economy was based largely upon radishes. Logging initially drove the local economy, but when the area's virgin yellow pine forests became depleted, row crops were planted on the newly cleared land.



Here is the scenery of the beach on a Gloomy day. The beach goes for miles as it stretch across the Gulf of Mexico. 



Long Beach served as a port for many fishermen; there were many seafood based restaurant around the area. If you do visit and have time go visit Steve's Marina Restaurant, we didn't get the chance but I’ve heard they serve some amazing Gumbo. 



Clearly the seagulls set the rules here. 



The deserted beach has its feel and emotions 




The trip to New Orleans was my last trip with my Nikon D80 before I replaced it with the D800. During this holiday season I got my uncle’s Sony NEX7 as a gift, it’s my first mirrorless camera. I bought the Zeiss 24mm to pair with it, and  I love the combination so far. 





Louisiana’s seafood industry ranked the top ten in the States, with an enormous import and export of seafood every day. Thought recent years (after Katrina) the industry took a great impact. Economic impact includes variables such as employment, labor income, but important the sales of seafood. 



One of the oil refinery by the dock 









Due to the rain and weather we didn’t stay long, during our last leg of the journey we visited one of the art district in NOLA. What we find out was that it was bascially a street full of antique shops and fine dinning restaurants. 






The street is called Magazine Street and here’s a little info from wiki

Magazine Street is a major thoroughfare in New Orleans, Louisiana. Like Tchoupitoulas Street, St. Charles Avenue, and Claiborne Avenue, it reflects the curving course of the Mississippi River. The street took its name from an ammunition magazine located on the street in colonial times. The street may have also been named after the Spanish word magazin or almazon which means "warehouse."
Most of the street is a mix of residential and commercial buildings, generally older houses from the later nineteenth century and similarly aged commercial stretches consisting of antique shops, clothing boutiques, restaurants, and bars. Magazine Street is well known for being a popular shopping district for interested tourists.



The street itself however runs a length of six miles, so it is generally recommended by travel connoisseurs to hail a cab when shopping in the area. Magazine Street shopping offers a unique selection of products many of which are handcrafted and one of a kind pieces. Here in Memphis it remind me of the newly developed Broad Ave. 




Again we came to NOLA like the week after Mardi Gras, so the whole town seem deserted. But that doesn’t seem to help with traffic. It seem like NOLA always have traffic issues no matter where you go. 






Here is one of the Antique Mall, one of the main reason we wanted visited here was hoping finding a good deal on a old film camera like a decent shape Rolleiflex or Hasselblad. But due to our bad luck none of the shops carry cameras.  









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Beside Antique places there are also a lot of furniture places...


....and art galleries. We visited some but most of them seem to be closed on sunday. 




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Wish we had more time to visits other Art Districts around the city. Much like Memphis, New Orleans is a city that still that still need development, but It’s a beautiful place and the people has their own unique southern hospitality.