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This is my final post on this year's Comic Con. The post includes my last batch of photos taken from my phone, my thoughts on the signing process, and also the final summary of this year’s con. 



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The Signing Process


At fIrst I was surprised that the actual panel and the signing are two separate event. The panel is a safe bet cause after all the long wait you at least get the see the cast and see the special previews. For the signing its all based on luck, even after hours of waiting you still have go through this lottery system to get chosen for the signing. Every other major studios has somewhat the same process except for ABC. 

Both Kelly and Lauren wanted to attend the Once Upon a Time signing, but to be able to attend the signing one must collects all five pins from the ABC booth. These pins was pretty much a nightmare to collect since it take at least two hours to get through the ABC line and you might end up with the same pin. But according to Kelly and Lauren even you have the five pins you still need some ticket to actually get into the signing. 

The main reason for the long wait was that every group that goes into booth have to sing a song from the upcoming show Galavant, if they made that just a little booth by itself the line would have moved a lot faster. I am 100% sure that no one in the line cared about the song, they were all waiting to get the pins for the signing. 



For me, it was the Warner Brother signing since I was hoping to meet Peter Jackson and the cast of The Hobbit Trilogy. Warner Brothers like all the other major studio had the lottery system. It just that you have to arrive really early on that morning to get in the line and wait for your chance at the lottery. If you were the first 200 people you have a really high chance of getting a wristband. I think I got really lucky since almost everyone in front me wanted the Arrow's signing wristband instead of The Hobbit. 

Sadly Peter Jackson wasn't present at the Signing but none the less I got to meet the following people: Benedict Cumberbatch, Graham McTavish, Evangeline Lilly, Cate Blanchet, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Lee Pace, Luke Evan, and Andy Serkis. I've recorded a short video when they were entering the convention (above). And to the left was the poster I got signed. It fun to see Benedict Cumberbatch signing himself as Smaug. 



Final Summary 


Here concludes my coverage of 2014 Comic Con. As this was my first time I definitely learned a lot and I am much more prepared if I do get the chance to go next year. Before I thought I had the chance to see all of the major panels, but in realty there just not enough time unless you just sleep in Hall H. The convention center does need a expansion as the Exhibit Hall was so over crowed that it was just chaotic. There was rumors in the news that if San Diego dose not expand the convention space that Comic Con will pack up and move to Las Vegas. Hopefully thats not the case since San Diego has been hosting Comic Con since the 70’s. I will try my best to attend the next year’s con, but my schedule for next summer still pretty much up in the air.

I think one of my regrets this year at the con was that I didn't even bother for Hall H on Thursday. Apparently all the major film studios didn't announced their lineups till like the day of the panel, so nobody knows who's coming and Hall H was pretty much half empty on Thursday. Chris Nolan was there to promote his new film Interstellar, but I forgot that Legendary Pictures broken the deal with Warner Bros and its now with Paramount. 

Really hope these last three blog posts gives you somewhat a insight at Comic Con if you have never been before. The blog will go back to its normal programming in the month of September. Next months I will reveal my first design project in a series of projects that I've worked on during past few years.  I am searching for an editor or just someone really good with Grammar to help me with the blog. I can’t offer much but at least theres free food.