SDCC | 2015 | 02

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Friday and Saturday are normally the biggest days for Comic Con. This year it was DC and Lucasfilm. Besides the Hall H panel for The Force Awaken, there were a lot of related Star Wars panels including ILM celebrating their 40th Anniversary at Comic-Con.  

This year NBC revive one of my favorite show back in High School to compete with all other major networks in the rise of Superheroes TV series. Heroes was one my all time favorite show, but it went downhill after the third season although I am happy it's coming back again. I am hoping that they recapture the magic from the first season and bring back those memorable characters. 

Besides NBC, Fox is reviving Steven Spielberg Minority Report into a TV series, from the panels it looks like this will be a continuation where the film left off. It seems like all the major networks are trying to catch up with CW, since both Arrow and The Flash had a massive turnout. Marvel might have the upper hand in term of the cinematic world, but DC is doing an excellent job in TV land. That does not mean that Marvel is backing down. With the recent deal with Netflix and also the success with Agent of Shield and Agent Carter, Marvel is also getting serious in its effort in their prime time shows. 

Update: Lauren did a fantastic job on this Slideshow video that pretty much summarize the whole trip. You can check out her youtube channel here



01 | DAY 02 

Due to been stuck in Ballroom 20 for most of Friday, I didn't get the chance to take many photos. Lauren and me got really lucky as we got into Ballroom 20 without any waiting, plus we got pretty good seats in the upper middle section. The most exciting panel on Friday was Marvel's Agents of Shield and Agent Carter. Along with Marvel, we got to witness the final season of Falling Skies, and also The100 and Minority Report. 

Agent Carter has to be one of my favorite new show this year. Besides been a tie in with the cinematic universe, the show deal with the much more pressing issue of Gender Equality and how it accurately portrait the status of women's during and also post WWII era. We finally get a real Edwin Jarvis this time, instead "Just A Rather Very Intelligent System" from the Iron Man films. I first saw James D'Arcy in film Cloud Atlas, but it's refreshing to see him here acting along with Hayley Atwell, they have a good on screen chemistry. The show clearly dominated by Hayley's incredible talent, but also the smart writing really brings the character development in Peggy live on screen. Very excited the upcoming second season. 


The Full-Scale size of Antman. I still can't believe Marvel made Antman into a full feature film, cause I can totally see this as a TV show. But Antman is a vital part of the Avengers and it background story goes deeper into the history of SHIELD.   


Haha, this was the only day I cosplay, and it's the Quicksilver from the new Avengers film. Lauren was Scarlet Witch, and Anthony was supposed to be Ultron. I also did Quicksilver last year from X-Men: DOTFP, but that was an entirely different outfit that included an old tape-player. In my opinion, the version from the Avengers film stays truer to the original Comic Books in term of appearance. 

Lauren and I were hoping to find someone cosplay as our dad Magento.  Fox and Disney should make a deal so that all of the X-Men characters can be in same Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was a bit weird to hear word "Enhanced" when watching the film since Fox owns the trademark for the word "Mutants." 


I was trying to get a Once Upon a Time Signing ticket for Kelly, but I keep getting The Muppets instead of Regina. ABC replaced pins with tweets this year, and Lauren got both the Once Upon a Time Signing ticket and The Muppets Signing ticket!  



02 | DAY 03 

I spent most of Saturday with Anthony since he only has Thursday and Sunday badges. We got to tour the events outside the convention center and also a bit of Downtown San Diego. Kinda regret that we didn't visit the New Children Museum for NerdHQ.


The upcoming peanut film has their own tent and it's this huge Snoopy house! I am not sure what's inside, but it looks like a pop-up shop with Snoopy merchandise and apparels. Very excited for the movie that's releasing later this year.


Never played any of the Dark Soul series, but their booth was pretty cool. 


Last year's attendance was over at 130,000 people, and I am pretty sure it the same for this year or even more. The weather was perfect during the four days, and I miss it every day since I got back to Memphis. News is that there's going to be new revenues that will be open up by next's Comic Con, so that it can accompany more people. 


I hope Comic Con and San Deigo has some plans for a new Exhibit Hall, cause right now its very overcrowded. As the attendance keep increase in next few years, it's going raise some safety concerns. 


Even though this is my second time in San Deigo I still haven't toured any of well-known places, but none the less the city is beautiful. It makes want to move here in the future, but the living expenses here is just too expensive. 


The season finally for Once Upon a Time brought the series into a new direction. During the entire season we finally got to see the relationship build up between Captain Hook and Emma Swan, but only to lose everything in the final episode. The story took a big turn as we finally find who the author but the big conclusion is that Emma turns to Dark One.

Petco Park got some major upgrades since last year, hence why NerdHQ got moved to The New Children Museum. Hopefully, they can move some of the venues to the stadium and open up some free space inside the convention.  




Minority Report came out in 2002, so its nearly 13 years since the film and Fox finally decide to do a sequel to the movie as a TV series. During the panel, it took me awhile to realize that was Wilmer Valderrama from That 70's Show since he looks so different now. We got to watch a bit of a plot, and it look pretty intense, so I am kinda looking forward to the show this coming Fall. 




I am very grateful for the buses system cause it's our primary form of transportation from the hotel to the convention plus it's free. Those bus drivers the real heroes of this convention with the buses running 24/7 it must be a super tiring job. On Thursday, I didn't get back to the hotel till 3 in the morning all because I was dumb enough to actually waited in the Hall H line to get the Friday wristband. Without the Buses, I would've probably got stuck at the convention center. 








Randomly bump into Totoro! Anime is getting bigger each year at Comic-Con, just last year there was a room devoted to running anime all day long. At this rate, Anime Expo might as well combine with Comic-Con. lol 


Here's a look at the back of the Convention Center where it knows for the camping ground for Hall H. 




As a Design Geek, the convention center is certainly an interesting site to behold. At times, it looks like a huge Pokemon Center with those circular designs. The roof of the Sails Pavilion, arguably is the most iconic feature, represents the region’s beauty and forward movement. It was designed by the late architect Arthur Erickson. 

Here's an excerpt from the LA Times

The design has an unadorned purity that should appeal to neophytes and hard-nosed design connoisseurs alike. It's a thoughtful marriage of form and function. With its dramatic system of triangular concrete support "gantrys," Erickson has made the primary structural elements double as a visual theme. "I've always felt that the structure is the reality of the building," Erickson said. "You need to show how it is held up. Structure has always been one of the main focuses of expression in architecture, for both technical and aesthetic reasons."




Stunning view of the harbor and its expensive Yachts 






Finally got the chance to visit the Hilton this year. The Pixar Panel was held inside one their big convention hall. We got to witness the cool new short film that's going to played in front of The Good Dinosaur. 


This year, I brought some of my Design Portfolio on my iPad for review since there's a lot of studios and firms at the Convention looking for new talents. I went at the end of the day and got the chance to talk to Action Lab Entertainment and also Arch Enemy Entertainment. Got some pro/con feedback from the editors which is all I needed. We talked about the importance having a traditional drawing background no matter what art field one chose to pursuit. 


All the shops and restaurants are probably experiencing one of their busiest time of the year. Sometimes you can catch stars in their personal black SUV's. Last year I saw Andy Serkis driving around and having selfies with people during red lights. 






They came out of nowhere 




Even we are in Calfornia; there's a significant difference between San Diego and Los Anglos in term Architecture Style. San Deigo. San Diego reminds a lot of modern Shanghai with its clean layout with a bit Minimalism. The streets just look more redefined since LA is hectic everywhere you go. 


Disney Infinity got their pop-up shop set up this year. I have yet tried the game since it's expensive to collect all the action figures. There was an enormous line at the shop so there probably a huge number people who plays the game. 


Taking about Celebrity, We bump into Norman Reedus outside of his Hotel! At first we thought there just a big group of people taking seflies, but when we saw the bodyguards, we realized it was someone important. Norman plays the infamous Daryl Dion on The Walking Dead. Besides acting he is known as a fashion designer and photographer. 








Both Lauren and Kelly Cosplay characters from Once Upon a Time just like last year thought Kelly's Cosplay got a bit of an upgrade. It's amazing that made their cosplay from scratch and that everything was crafted by hand. The attention to details in their cosplay along is something to admire. It blew my mind when they told me that made the Storybook by using Powerpoint.




03 | DAY 04

Before we get to the final day, I want to talk a bit about this "CutterGate"  on the night I tried to camp out for the Hall H wristband. The main reason was a chance to see the Star Wars panel from Lucasfilm. It was might fault that I should've lined up earlier, but I got there around 730ish and I was at around 4000 in term of how many people in line. Hall H can hold around 6000 people. I thought I had a good chance at least get into Hall H, doesn't how far back I am. They started passing out the wristband at around 840, and it took nearly 5 hours to pass out all the Wristbands. 

The first major problem was a lot of people were in line just to hold a spot for their friends. SDCC never set a finite number on how people you can save the line for so a lot of folks took the advantage and was saving the spot for more than ten people. There were almost few big fights that got broke out cause people were getting fed up with people skipping them in line. By 11 PM my spots in line has already pushed back to around 5000, and by 1 AM I was almost at 7000. 

The second major issue was that Comic Con only assigned three to four people to pass out the wristbands. It took nearly five hours to pass out all the wristbands. There were almost 10thousand people in line and they only assigned four people to pass out the wristbands?! The wristband were gone by one, but they forgot to pass the information for the rest of the people who didn't get a wristband. 

But since I am a Taurus, I am also stubborn, so I tried again on Saturday for the Heroes panel.  


Apparently no one cares about Sunday. Anthony and I got our wristband after only waiting for an hour or so. At that moment, I cared more on getting that green wristband than the panels themselves. I just wanted something to show proof that I've wasted nearly 10hours to get into Hall H.




The experience inside Hall H on Sunday was subpar since its all TV shows. We had to sit through Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and American Horror Stories before we got to the Heroes Reborn panel. The panel included some of the old cast but mostly new cast including Zachary Levi. In the end, we realized we didn't even have to wait for the wristband as the room wasn't even full. But nonetheless the wristband will be my memorabilia to remind me of my epic fail of getting into Hall H. 

 I've learned my lesson as I probably will never try Hall H again as I realize that Ballroom 20 is so much more enjoyable. Also smaller panels like the Super Asian American panel are much more personal and engaging than those overhype Hall H panels. 


Pretty much spent the rest of Sunday just wondering around the Convention Center. The exhibit hall finally seems to calm down a bit, as most vendors started packing. All of us are pretty much worn out from the last four days. 








So, this concludes my coverage of this year's Comic-Con. It's been a blast! I am so happy that I got the chance to go back for a second time and got the opportunity to spend some memorable time with my best buds Kelly, Anthony, and Lauren. It's very unclear if I will return next summer, but nonetheless I am pretty sure all of us will be in line for the Pre-Registration. 

Up next will be part one of my trip to Yosemite National Park.