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After last year's trip to Comic Con I thought I would never get the chance to go again, and this was just once in a lifetime experience. But somehow when it came to registering for 2015 Badge I got all fired up again. I would like say thanks to my buddy Kelly and Lauren who "again" got my badge for all four days including preview night. I don't know how but its utterly astounding on just how fast they get to that big waiting room. I finally got into the waiting room this year but was only to able to get the Thursday and Sunday badges for my buddy Anthony.

The first year I felt like a newbie, but this second time around I was more engaged and got to enjoy the con way more than I did last year.  



 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
 Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Originally I was going to cosplay all four days, but after I found out I was going to Yosemite after the Con, I only had room for one cosplay instead of four. My cosplay from last year was Quicksilver from Days of Future Past, so I decided to go again as Quicksilver but from the new Avengers film.

I bought the cosplay on eBay for around 10bucks, but when I received the cosplay, it look way too generic that it lacks a lot of the details from the film. I decided to tear it apart a little and combine with one of my old running shirts. Did a little bit of sewing on the inside, and added some tapes on the outside. Took about a day or two but I got it to look like it's just all one piece. 

Unfortunately, the cosplay didn't survive on the way back home. All the sewing came apart, and the tapes came off due to the heat.  But at least it got through that one day I wear it the convention. Along with the cosplay, I also bought a cheap wig since that hair spray was such disappointment from last year. 




It's never a good thing to have Comic-Con and Disney Expo in the same year, and hence the absence of Marvel Studios. Disney is saving the big announcement for their own Expo called D23 including news from Lucasfilm. Without Marvel Studios, this year, DC and WB totally stole the show with the new trailer for Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice. Fox did have a panel for the X-Men: Apocalypse, but it was the teaser for Deadpool that got Hall H screaming like crazy. 

Lucasfilm was also here for JJ Abrams Star Wars The Force Awaken. The attendees got treated to a private concert after the panel, which made me really sad that I didn't get into Hall H after nearly waiting in line for 8hours. I will explain about this "Cuttergate" in part 2, and why it cause almost a brawl in front of the line. 


Last year, the ABC booth was a complete nightmare. If you want to attend any of the signings you have to go through the extreme long line numerous times just to collect all the pins. But this year it was a lot better since you only have to go through the line once to enter the chance to win a ticket for the signing. 

My friend Lauren got both Once Upon a Time and The Muppet signing! O.O She and Kelly are huge OUAT fans, and I am really happy that they got the chance to meet the cast this year. 

Me, on the other hand, was hoping there was a Star Wars signing session, but sadly Lucasfilm didn't have one planned for this year convention.

Surprisingly the layout for the exhibit Hall stayed the same from last year. Almost every booth were in the same place as last year, and just like last year it's crowded with people. San Diego Convention Center is in the process of expansion since there were rumors that Comic-Con was going to leave San Deigo for LA. After visiting LA this year, I hope that Comic-Con will stay in San Deigo since LA traffic is just downright terrible. 


Ant-Man was there at the Con just for promotion for the film, but no cast members since there was no Marvel Studios.


A big year at SDCC for Star Wars! Here's Lauren and behind her is the new speeder bike for the character Rey from the Force Awaken. Comic-Con was the reason that the first Star Wars film got super wide popular, it was here in 1976 when people first saw the concept artwork by Ralph McQuarrie. 


Big Poster for the new Sith/Dark side named Kylo Ren who is gonna be play by Adam Driver. At the panel people were still asking question on the design of the his new cross guard lightsaber. 


Manga is a comic book, so without a doubt there's a huge Anime presence at the Convention. Big year for Naruto as the manga comes to a close last year after a 15 years run. 



Out of nowhere we stumble across these cutie made from cotton? Pixar is back with their new film "Inside Out" and I believe it's their best film since Up. Just like all Pixar films Inside Out was a film that deal with something much bigger than the characters themselves. This time it was emotions that happen to be the voices inside our head.  My senior thesis was somewhat related to this film, and it was cool how Pixar portrait many of the scenes. One of my favorite scenes are (Spoilers) is when you saw those cities starting to fall apart, you can feel the weight that's pulling Riley down in both physically and emotionally. 

Having a close friend who is dealing depression it gave me a much clear understanding of what's going inside their head. The film was heartwarming and cute at the same time. It's probably one of my favorite film from this year so far. There were a few groups of Cosplayers at the Con that did all the emotions. 



WD and DC are doing a fantastic job on their TV series, both Arrow and The Flash got huge attention at the convention. Surprisingly after the failure of The Green Lantern film producer Greg Berianti switch from film to TV series, the result was excellent since both shows got outstanding reviews. Greg is also producing an official Flash film with Ezra Miller starring as Barry Allen. I am very excited for the upcoming second season of the flash.


The Reverse Flash. I am very interesting how they gonna incorporate him into the second season based on the event happened in the first season. 



This is the new Trinity for the upcoming Dawn of Justice. After seeing the new comic con trailer for the film, I was a bit skeptical since Man of Steel was a big disappointment for me in term of the story. Zack Snyder is crazy good in term of visuals, but sometimes he lack telling a compelling story. Sucker Punch and 300 were amazing films in time of the visuals, but the characters and the plot were just sub-par at best. 

The trailer was very well composed, as we witness that Bruce Wayne was at Metropolis during the battle between Superman and General Zod. Ben Affleck does a good job as Bruce Wayne as he supposes to portrait a much older Batman than any of the previous films. 

Zack Synder was here during midnight with the new Batmobile for the folks who were camping out for Hall H. 


Conan O'Brien brought his show to Comic Con this year, and he have different celebrities each day of the Con. We decided to try for Thursday, which happens to be the panel for the upcoming Hunger Game film Mockingjay P2. So for day one most of our morning spent in getting tickets for the show. 


02 | Day 01 SDCC

Last year there's was a lot of important panels in Hall H that no ones know about, and during some panels Hall H was almost empty. One of the main reason was that the studio didn't announce the films that they were going to bring, and it cause a lot of confusion. This year, Thursday was all about the Hunger Game. Lionsgate had their big panel with the whole cast, but we got see them at the taping of the Conan O'Brien show. 


Lauren did cosplay all four days, and on Thursday she was Mary from the show Reign. Anthony was Spiderman that day....


This was "the" swag bag for this year comic con since everyone want it. We all got the arrow bag, but Lauren was able to trade her for a flash one. I remember the one I got from last year was some animated show featuring Mike Tyson. 


Thankfully we got there early as you can see the long extreme long for tickets to the Conan O'Brien show. 

There must be an area where all the Cosplay hang out, cause I didn't see much cosplay this year. 


This probably my favorite booth just cause they give real size film posters. 

Square Enix was there this year at Comic Con, but they didn't bring any of their main IP's like Kingdom Hearts 3 or Final Fantasy 15. With the recent announcement of FF7 remake I would they would playing the teaser trailer at booth, but instead it was all stuff about Mighty 9. 


The new cartoon network show called The Bare Bear. Me and Lauren got some free pins at the booth. 

Bandai had a huge section for Power Rangers. I got all excited cause when I was little I owned nearly all the toys that were on display. Sadly I had to give it away when I came to the states. Those toys could've worth a lot on eBay nowadays. 

Pikachu looks really happy here  



Dragonball Z got resurrected this year; there haven't been new episodes since like 2004.  

The full trailer for the live action Attack on Titans came out during SDCC. The visual still need a bit of work, but overall it looks pretty good. 



The news of Satoru Iwata passing was totally unexpected since he was only 55. Satoru Iwata has been leading Nintendo since 2002. Before Nintendo, he did assist in projects like Pokemon Gold and Silver for the gameboy and Super Smash for the N64. Thought Nintendo been struggling the past few years, but the company still able to make sure it stayed to true to its name and concentrated on the game themselves. 


It's kinda scary that everything in this picture is now owned by Disney  

Probably my favorite picture from the con. ^_^






This was probably first time seeing an Oscar Award in person. It was a booth dedicated to the work done by the late Grant McCune. Grant is mostly recognized for his special effect work in Star Wars. He was also into building props and sets for numerous films including the great white shark in Jaws. 




03 | Conan O'Brien 

After waiting in line for hours, we finally got to see the taping of the Conan O'Brien show. It was at the historical Spreckels Theatre, and the guest celebrities were the cast from The Hunger Games. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth all attended the taping. 

Here concludes part one of my trip of this year SDCC. Up next I will review the panels I got to see and go over the design portfolio review at the convention. 

It always amazed me the type people that attends the convention; I got to meet at least two people who are working on getting their Ph.D.?! Also it truly amazing that everything in this convention was once just a concept or idea in someone's head, but they took the time and the dedication to make it real. I believe this is what defines Comic Con, it the celebration of original ideas that involve fantastic storytelling and vivid character developments. It's also the celebration of the people who made it comes alive which includes the writers, the producers, the directors, and most importantly the Actors/Actress.