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Before I start with this blog post I want to update on whats coming up on the blog. For the past month I’ve been trying to visit numerous restaurants around town to give a overall look at the culinary culture here in the city of Memphis. Once I get it narrow down to the final restaurants I will start documenting. This will be my first venture into food photography.

Also coming up on the blog will be my first design project that I’ve been working on since October of last year. It’s the the rebranding of Dell along with my thoughts on how Dell can make a come back in the PC world. It took me forever to decide on the logo and theme, but after 6months of refinement I think I finally got it. I am finishing up on touch ups here and there, and it should be ready to post by next month. 



Back in the spring of 2012, My friend Anthony and I took a small trip to visit New Orleans for the first time. We went the week right after Mardis Gras, so the whole city seem a bit trashed (lol). New Orleans has its very own distinct culture and architecture. We visited the French Quarter, Magazine street, and tried out numerous Po’boys. On the first day we drove straight to French Quarter and got to visit the shops and restaurants. It was a beautiful day when we arrived, but like all our road trips it started raining the next few days. 



Traffic was horrible during the rush hours and its pretty much impossible to find a decent parking space. With its raising building in the background French Quarter seem to be clash between the old and the new. I instantly fell in love with all the architecture, with its vibrant colors and the feel of openness and coziness at the same time. Most of building was built around late 18th century during the period when the Spanish ruled most part of the city. 



Many people were here to see the game. There were LSU fans everywhere. Sports is actually a big thing in New Orleans. It was a bit awkward walking around the city with a Memphis Tiger shirt. 



Here is the St. Louis Cathedral, its located next to the Jackson Square and across from the Mississippi River. New Orleans just like Memphis is also a city thats “On the River”. It was a beautiful sunset by the time we arrived at French Quarter.



Many scenery around the city remind me of the Disney film The Princess and the Frog. The first film that when Pixar’s John Lasseter and Ed Catmull took over Disney. It brought back the traditional Hand drawn animation. 









This is the Washington Artillery Park right in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. 
There was historical monuments almost everywhere we went.



Taking about Disney, the St. Louis Cathedral almost feel like a mini version of Disneyland's Castle. There is a Six Flag in New Orleans, but we didn't have time to visit since were just here for two day. 






The Home of Jax was use to be Brewery back in the 60s, but now its just a small shopping mall. But it’s nice place to set back and relax and enjoy the view of the mighty Mississippi river. If you are from Memphis, there used to be place called the The Peabody Place which is somewhat similar. 





2012-03-08 at 06-11-41.jpg

The Mississippi River still server a major transportation route across cities.






Walking through the city reminded me how much the city had recovered from the Hurricane Katrina. When we were driving to long beach the next day we saw areas thats still under recovering from the hurricane. 









As sun sets the night life of NOLA comes alive. There so many pubs and restaurants around french quarters. It’s friday and people were ready to watch games and get wasted. Saw many fraternity and sorority parties around the block. 



There are numerous of these tunnels are they can act of somewhat of a short cut, but after awhile we was lost and had no idea how to navigate back to where we came from.






Jazz and the Blue dominated the speakers and also the street musician. Another similarity between New Orleans and Memphis. Jazz and Blue heritage lives deep in the heritage of New Orleans. I am not much a Jazz fan, but some good blues always sooth the soul. 



This was my favorite picture during our trip, it really showed the mood and feel of the streets. I’ve seen beautiful photos on Flickr of French Quarter, but it's truly an experience to see it in person. 






NOLA TILL YO DIE. Bikes and scooters was parked everywhere. 











One of many fraternity that we saw, most of the students were from LSU. There are much decoration left over from Mardis Gras, and seem like the folks was still recovering from last week. 






There were so many people at night than during the day. It pretty much feels like Beale Street, but ten times bigger.












We ended the first night with some cajun seafood and a nice view from the balcony. There are many decorations left over from Mardis Gras






Before we left for long beach we went back the next day to try out the famous Beignets from Café Du Monde. The line was really long but it was totally worth it at the end. The last time I had beignets was back when I was in China, but the ones from Cafe Du Monde was something else…













This guy was gonna charge people for taking picture of him, which is hilarious cause be barely knows how to play. Numerous artist are there in the morning to sell there art work.   Art is big part of new orleans, I think theres a art gallery everywhere we went. 








Outside of Cafe Du Monde. Surprising all the worker were asian and also they actually ship beignets all over the world. Just the other I saw them at my local’s Whole Foods. 

A little history of Cafe Du Monde from Wiki

The French brought coffee with them to the United States as they began to settle along the Mississippi. The French developed the chicory style of coffee during the civil war used at Café du Monde. Chicory adds an almost chocolate flavor to the Café Au Lait. Along with this taste, the Acadians from Nova Scotia brought about other French customs, such as the beignet, to Louisiana in the 17th century. Unlike most doughnuts, beignets are square pieces of dough with no hole in the middle, fried and most often covered with powdered sugar. 







Powdered sugar was just everywhere, it almost looked like crack wear house. The coffee they serve with the Beignets goes really with each other. 





it’s so beautiful 






















Apparently there’s a huge wedding at the St. Louis Cathedral that day.


Here's the bride! 



According to Yelp this place serve the best Po-Boy’s in town. This place has been around since the 60’s and its been name city best numerous times. The place feel like any shops from the 60’s, but they do serve some amazing po-boys and gumbo. Seating was a bit limited but they do have spaces in the back.








They have this special sauce they put on the sandwich to make it more favorable. I ordered the crawfish, but there are numerous other choices. 

Here’s the end of part one my trip to New Orleans. Part two cover our lonely trip to the long beach and also NOLA’s Magazine Street.