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Sorry for the super long hiatus, but here comes a big photo entry update for the past five months of my life.

My contract with ALSAC/St. Jude has officially come to a close. I was originally signed up for only six months, but due to the nature of my work they extended my contract to nearly 18 months. My main task was to take over all the design material for all the regional charity events across the country. I started off only doing small tasks and maybe only cover about 4 to 5 regions. But by the end of my contract I was designing materials for all the events across the 16 regions. 


Working at ALSAC wasn't an easy task. I was only a Production Designer, but I got to experience and worked with a world class in-house design firm. I got to witness how a global brand like St. Jude stay true to its tradition and how they kept everything in balance. But most importantly I learned just how each department plays a crucial role in the overall integrity of the company. ALSAC was my first venture into the real world and taught me many valuable lessons including time-management and communication.

There were times where stress got the best of me especially when I had a second job after ALSAC. Working close to 11 to 12 hours everyday can sometimes be demanding. I am truly going to misses all of my wonderful co-workers who made me feel like part of a team, and also part of a family.  I will forever remember the words of Danny Thomas "Those who work for the Good are as those who do the good." 

So without further ado here's a little tour of my photo adventures in my hometown.

Note: I've recently acquired an old Sony NEX7 from my uncle and got the Carl Zeiss 18mm to accompany it. I will review the camera the lens in an upcoming blog post. 


Oshi Burger Bar 
★★★★  |  $$

I've been hearing about this place since last fall and finally got the chance to visit this January. The place is a mix fusion of Japanese Culture and American Burgers. It's a bit pricey than you average burgers from backyard burger, but it's totally worth it.  The interior design is very "welcoming" with its Samurai wallpaper. The first time I went I got to try the Oshi Burger, but I also got to try their turkey burger during my second visit. 

It's probably the best Burger I've had in awhile; I have grown tired of Huey's (Memphis Local) and Five Guys over the years. The Bun and the sauce make the is what makes it so good plus the meat was cooked just right; other places tends to overcook the meat when I ask for well done.  



The atmosphere is great for all occasions especially family night out. The space is a bit tight, but if you go during the day there's also an outside seating area. There's a lot of exciting developments in Downtown Memphis recently, and it's definitely attracting a lot of new businesses. 



The awkward moment when you find chopsticks inside a burger joint. lol


The fries were pretty decent along with their shakes.
They also have hot dogs and also small "fusion" side dishes. 




Fedex Forum
★★★★  |  $ - $$$

Thanks for Groupon me and my cousin got to attend two Grizzlies games. The Memphis Grizzles has been doing amazing this year and as of this writing we are getting close to Western Finals.

Beno Udrih has been a great addition to our team as a point guard. Every minute he is on the court he does an amazing job in keeping the team in focus, but also making some huge shots in tight situations.  

I hope we go far this year, this team has been always the most underrated team in the NBA. Mainly because we don't have a superstar like Kevin Durant or Blake Griffin. But what guess what? We don't need a superstar; we have an all-star team and every player on the team plays a key role in our success. 


The Hard Rock Cafe


Been in Memphis for so long there are still a lot of places I have yet to visit. When people ask me if I ever visited Graceland, and the answer is no. Memphis is not a scenery place in which you have to dig deep to find the beauty that lies within the city. We do not have mountains, beaches, or even skyscrapers, but that doesn't mean this place doesn't have its charm.






Shelby Farm
★★★★  |  Free

One of the Charm of Memphis is this place. Shelby farm is one of the twenty largest urban parks in the United States. And the best part is that is getting a huge renovation. I come here all season round for photos or just to get some refreshing air and relax. This place is perfect for jogging and family picnic. 

With the development of the Green Line is now easy than ever to bike across the city. Memphis has become the friendliest city for Biking with almost all of the roads have Bike Lanes. 





Winter Storm 2015  

Memphis always gets about two snow storm in the winter season, but it's been awhile since we had a huge snow storm. Here in the south, the city pretty much shuts down if we even have a sign of snow. Shelby Farm looks like a winter wonderland after a snowstorm, it's beautiful and peaceful. 


The White Station Tower 


Malco Paradiso
★  |  $$

The Malco Paradiso was the best movie theatre in Memphis, but in recent years its been going downhill. First, the place is always overcrowded and they haven't kept up with the cleaning. Plus, every time I go see a movie its filled with rude people who just have to use their phones during the film. We are all here to experience something magical, so please don't ruin it for others.

If you are in Memphis, try the Malco Ridgeway Four, it's a much more comfortable experience with people who actually cares about the film. 







Cherry Road
★★  |  Free

Cherry Road is a part of the Memphis Botanic Garden. Located outside of the Garden along the Golf Course. It's beautiful during the blooming season, which is perfect for portrait and engagement sessions. 





The Dixion Garden
★★  |  $$

 The Dixion is both a Garden and an Art Gallery and its located right by the Botanic Garden. It's been years since I last visited, and this time it was for their 10,000 Tulips.  The Art Gallery showcase numerous fine art collection from around the world. Along with painting, the Gallery also has sculpture exhibitions. 





Bass Pro Shops
★★  |  $-$$$

The pyramid was abandoned after the opening of the FedEx Forum, for a decade this place with nothing but a ghost town. But after numerous city debates this place has finally reopened its doors, but this time there's a huge Brass Pro Shop outside the entrance. The entire Pyramid is now a Bass Pro Shop, but they rebuild the inside to include hotel accommodation and also an observation deck. 

When you on the observation deck you can clearly see all of downtown cityscape, there's not much since its Memphis. But nonetheless it's worth the ten bucks since you do get a free drink. 


So, here a little catching up with me in these last few months.  More content is on the way since I have a LOT of free time now. Comic Con is only two months away and plus I have a lot of design projects I have yet to showcase. 

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