SDCC14 | 01


Let's just say that last week was probably the best week of my life.  For the first time I got the chance to attend the International Comic Con Convention in San Diego.  I've been waiting for this moment since March of 2006.

The first time I've heard about Comic Con was back in 2005 when I was scouting around the Interweb for the latest news on Bryan Singer's Superman Reboot.  I was really interested in his latest take on Superman especially after the amazing job he did on the X-Men movies. 

It was this video that made me decide that one day I will attend Comic Con. 



Thought the problem was at the time this trip seem way out of reach in term of the price and the distance. From Memphis to San Diego is a bit far,  plus if I do drive... my car will never make it there alive.  Plus most of friends are busy in the summer so I got no one to go with. 

Will its been eight years since 2006 and things have changed a lot since my high school years. I can actually afford this trip on my own, but most importantly I got to share this adventure with my good friend Kelly and her sister Lauren.

If you go back a few posts you can see we all attended The Church Health Center Walk as One fundraising where Kelly and her mom raised close to 330 dollars for the event.  

It was kelly's amazing luck that scored me a badge in that crazy EPIC waiting room and for that I am forever in her debt. The EPIC waiting room has always been a horrible experience that can really unleash your inner Hulk. Once the waiting room opens you can just hope or pray that it GETS TO YOU. 

Probably the best tip for the epic waiting room is to use a LAN connection rather than a wireless connection. Just to make sure your connection is always online. 

Lets move on to the Cosplay 




This was my first attempt at Cosplaying so my goal was to do something simple just so I can gain some experience for future cons. We decided that each day we gonna have a new cosplay with a different theme. 

Thursday - Wreck it Ralph
Friday - Avatar: The Last Airbender
Saturday - Once Upon A Time
Sunday - X-Men   

My goal for each cosplay was to cost less than 50bucks, but thanks to my uncle in china and Goodwill I end up only spend about 60bucks for all four cosplays. Surprisingly the cosplay that cast most was Fix it Felix since I actually went ahead and bought the yellow boots. 

The time I spend the most on was Quicksliver and his little Stereobelt. Since it took me awhile to actually figure what exactly is a stereobelt.  I basically made a cardboard version with the printout that I mockup from photoshop.

I finished all the cosplay literally hours before my flight to San Diego.  it was crazy. 

So without further adieu here is part one of my adventure to this year's Comic Con. Enjoy!

P.S. For the trip I rented a Sony RX1r to test it out. I will go more in details about the camera in part 2.  



Travel & Preview Night 


Our flight was early in the morning and it was my first time using the passbook app on my phone. It was cool to scan my phone to check in and I am pretty sure in the near future our phones will replace our passport. 



The LA airport always have this feeling that its under construction since you have to walk through these tunnels to get from one terminal to the other. I should’ve brought a real backpack like kelly instead of my flimsy messenger bag. 



This was my first time visiting San Diego and my first expression was this place was absolutely gorgeous. I would so live here if it weren't for the high living expense. The weather was perfect for the days we were there! 



Of all the airports I've been to in the past the San Diego airport seem to be one of the less confusing ones. Everything looks clean and organized. 



The Taxi service was easy to find too. I seriously thought there was a shuttle provided by my hotel, but when I asked and learn about the pricing the Taxi actually seem more reasonable.



I spotted someone with a Muji Suitcase, but sadly there isn't a Muji store in San Diego.



Town and Country was where I stayed. My initial plan was to have a buddy of my also come along but due to no resale this year at comic con I end up having the whole room to myself. 

When I was looking for hotels I wanted one where it was close to the trolley system and this place seem to be right by one. I also wanted a place where I can access some sort of shopping center and surprising there was a mall located right behind the hotel. 



Town and Country was a convention center on its own. It was were people picked up badges for single days. By the time I got there I already seeing people with their badges and SWAG bags. 



Quote from Flynn Rider: “I could get used to a view like this.”



Look like I am not the only one who's excited for Comic Con.



One of the SWAG bag you get when you get your badge. People on my shuttle bus was trading to get the Batman one. Apparently these bag  becomes collectable item after the Con is over. 



The first thing I saw when I was walking towards the convention was this gigantic poster for ABC’s Once Upon a Time. I just started watching the show this march and got really hooked on the story. The show does get cheesy most of the time, but its the adoring cast and the writing that got me waiting for the new season. 



There was a huge turnout for Fox’s Gotham, but Batman itself got a huge turnout since this year marks the 75th Anniversary.  Square Enix did a special version of their own batman and look something out of Final Fantasy. 



I have seen this image so much online that was quite chilling when saw it for the first time. It was like meeting a celebrity in real life. Thought I did met some famous people during the con. 



Nickelodeon booth was pretty cool. Big presence of Legend of Korra got me really happy, since one of the panel I wanted to see was the Legend of Korra. 



Square Enix booth was showcasing Kingdom Hearts 2 HD remake and also a lot of action figures that cost an arm and a leg. I was hoping they have some KH3 or Final Fantasy 15 news gonna reveal at the con, but look like just more waiting. 



Lord Business is overlook everyone. He is probably the evil doer behind the ABC booth. Lego had a huge booth at con since they have characters from all the major franchise.



The Walking Dead is still big at the Con. I should probably get on with the second season. 


Attack of Titan was the main attraction for Funimation 





Saw the first few episodes of the new Sailor Moon, but got turned off by the animation style. I still much prefer the old animation or maybe I am just old school. 



Kelly’s shirt and bag somehow match the background. 


I have yet to see the Agents of Shield, but its cool the show actually follow the films.


Weta and ILM had big presence at Comic Con. 


Everything is Awesome


Luke from the Star Wars Booth. They were showing clips from the Celebration Convention. It looks awesome. 

I seriously thought they gonna show a advance screening of Guardian of Galaxy at the Con. 


The Exhibit hall was pretty much run by Disney since now that it owns Marvel. I am really excited for the upcoming film Big 6. The toys were already sold out on preview night. 


One of many actions figures (Cloud & Tiffa) by square enix cost more than my car. 


Here is the Square Enix version of Batman



For dinner we tried the Burger Lounge. According to kelly this place is expanding pretty quick and Memphis might get one soon. The burger was really good and so was the milk shake. Glad we came a bit early since the line became extremely line afterwards. 


Kelly and Lauren planning out for tomorrow. When bus starting to head back I got a glimpse of the famous Hall H line. 

SDCC Day 1  


Just your average day were prisoners of the arkham asylum coming back from vacation.



Kelly seem to be very interested in that Clementine. 



Our theme for day one was Wreck it Ralph. Kelly is cosplayed as Snowanna Rainbeau and Lauren as Crumbelina DiCaramello. 



Official Day one of Comic Con and I got to ride the trolley for the first time in San Diego. 


Think Kelly’s wig stole everyone attention on the trolley



Here it is. The Pokemon Center…urg I mean the Convention center. This is probably the biggest convention center I have ever seen. This place gonna hold 160k people for the next four days so it has to be to huge. 


it glows in the sun

The Sails Pavilion is probably my favorite place in the convention.
It has great natural lighting and also its not crowded as the Exhibit Halls.


Spotted a Quicksliver 

Another shot of the Nick Booth


The whole exhibit hall goes from 100 to 5000. Kinda sad that they push all the actual comic section all the way in the back. 

This girl actually did the entire car from Wreck it Ralph.



We lined up for the Korra panel, but it was too late by the time we got there. We did spot this Appa.

Sailor Mars

Got a glimps of Hit Girl 


Probably of all the booth at the con the WB and Lionsgate were my favorite ones. They were swift in term of moving the line, also they were giving some really cool freebies.


There was entire block of stuff to do right outside of the convention. Samsung and the upcoming movie Mockingjay rented out the whole Hard Rock Cafe to help promote the film.


The Weta and the ILM booth were really cool. I got to see a 3D printer for the first time and got to see a artist doing live rendering. 


Well this end of part one of my adventure. Part two will cover all the panels I got the attend and also more cosplay.