CHC Walk & Downtown


Hi there! it's been awhile since my last update, so I guess its time to do some catching up.

I attended the CHC Walk as One Walk with my good pal Kelly with her family,  and also witness the final home game of our Memphis Grizzlies.

So here are the photos from those events. Enjoy.




Little info on The Church Health Center from the website


"The Church Health Center seeks to reclaim the Church’s biblical commitment to care for our bodies and our spirits."


The Walk raised close to 40 Grand for the The Church Health Center, and Kelly's Mom almost came close as the Top Fundraiser. 



The walk was about 1.5miles long. By the time we got there the walk has already began. 

The day was really nice, thought I didn't take as many pictures since it was early noon and lighting condition was really harsh.

The walk basically loops around CHC center, but we got to see the clinical side at the end of the walk. 


There was a huge turnout for the walk. This was actually my first time visit the Church Health Center. 



His name is Anthony and he's been my partner in crime and best pal since the beginning of my college years. We have endure many crazy road trips over the years, but after this summer the adventure might finally coming to an end.  He is about to embark on a new journey to become an optometrist. 



I am serious considering getting a smaller camera for street photography. My D800 is just too heavy and sluggish when it comes to capture quick shots.  


This is outside of Bhan Thai, I only been there once, and the food was ok. Thought that was back in 2009 things might have change since then. 



Midtown is a beautiful place to live in especially with the recent development of Overton Square.




Like I said the harsh sunlight, it was really hard to get the white balance right.



Here is the actual clinic side of CHC 

Strangely there was a huge fire a few block from where we were. According to the new it was an old warehouse that caught on fire. 


Kelly and her family.


Photo Credit: Lauren Jeu  

Photo Credit: Lauren Jeu  

Here is the group shot of our the team. The team name was "Walk and Roll".  


Now lets jump to the hours before the Game 5 against OKC. This at the Peabody Place Parking lot. The Peabody Place was an amazing place before it turned into a ghost town. Seem like the Parking Garage is only thing that generates income. 



View of Downtown Skyline. 


Here is the same place at night.  After we lost to OKC by almost 30points. 


 Disappointed fans leaving for home. 


Night Bokeh. 



Major updates are coming up in the next few months, which include details on my upcoming photo/design book and also other design projects. so stay tune!