Retrospect: Cades Cove


In the Fall Break of 2011, Me and my two buddies took an epic trip across the state of Tennessee to visit the Great Smoky Mountain. The trip took total of six days and our final stop was at Cades Cove. 

Cades Cove is an isolated valley located in the Tennessee section of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA.The valley was home to numerous settlers before the formation of the national park. (wiki)

We stayed an extra day just because the first day there wasn't much sun, but on the second day god answered our prayers and it was glorious. All of the photos was taken with my old Nikon D80 and processed with VSCO Film. 




Video summary of our 6 days adventure





This was first trip across Tennessee after living in Memphis for almost 12 years. I had always wanted the Great Smokey Mountain and also see just how "Orange" is Knoxville. One of my friend went to Knox for a semester and came back with an orange mustang. 


We got there just in time for the lavish fall colors. 


Photos can't do this place justice. You seriously have to visit to feel the whole experience. 

Been a LOTR fan, the whole time while I was there I felt that I been trusted the mission to the Middle Earth. Those feeling fully kicked in when we were hiking one of the Cades Cove Trail.


The South has a lot to offer if you have time to explore it.  My dream had always been move to New York/Los Angles and get myself a nice apartment, but over the years I have started grown in love with the South and its beauty. 


The weather was just gorgeous that day. We were so glad that we decided to stay an extra day. 


ok i shut up now and just let you enjoy the photos. 


Engage Stalking Mode 

Engage Stalking Mode 

Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie

Here we started one of the Cades Cove Trail. Think this was the shorter version cause I believe the full trail was almost 15miles. 


Middle way through the trail we stumble across this beautiful waterfall. 


I initially hated the way I processed these photos, but after three years I went back and finally got the processing right this time. I have dreamed of going back with my new gears. Final word is that these photos can't do this place justice, you would have to visit to experience the whole journey.

P.S Please take the time to donate to your local nature park and always remember to recycle. The parks are the one thing that make this country beautiful so its very crucial we take care of it.