My sundays are mostly made up of editing photos and drinking tea. My whole family is an avid tea-drinking family, I don't think we can survive without tea (especially my dad). I have tried almost over 200 kind of teas over the years, but 90% of time you will find Green tea leaves in my tea cup. Last year, we got a traditional tea set as gift from my uncle, and today we finally got to try it out.

Before we move on here are the most popular teas in China

Green/Jasmine tea – is the most popular tea in China. China is the world’s largest exporter of green tea. This type of tea can help to reduce the risk of cancer and slow down the ageing process.

Red tea (Black tea) – This tea is very popular in Europe and in South Asia. This tea is good for the heart and the vessels.

Oolong tea – This tea is a speciality of Guangdong Province, where Zhuhai is located. This tea has the characteristics of green and black tea. It helps to break down protein, and supports the body in losing weight.

Post-fermented tea (Pu´er tea) – Post-fermented tea can be aged to improve the flavour. It is a valuable tea and usually compressed into different shapes. It helps to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and reinforce the immune system.




The set came with two bottle of Oolong Tea.  

History Fact (Wiki): 

According to the "Wuyi" theory, oolong tea first existed in the Wuyi Mountains region. This is evidenced by Qing dynasty poems such as Wuyi Tea Song (Wuyi Chage) and Tea Tale (Chashuo). It was said that oolong tea was named after the part of the Wuyi Mountain where it was originally produced.




The set was made by a Taiwanese company called EILONG which includes the base, six tea cups, and two teapots.  The package also came with utensils for . The base seem to made out of bamboo, and the tea cups are tradition tea cups with dragon carvings. 




Here's a closer look at the teapot and its dragon design. The Yellow handle really gives a nice touch to the overall design and it goes with well with the blue tea cups. 




According to the manual the cups on the top are actually used to clean the tea, and the cups at the bottom are the actually the drinking cups. 





For brewing tea its best to use filtered water then just the average tap water from the sink. The more oxygen the water retain the more the flavor the tea. The best way to enjoy tea is to buy a Tea kettle, you can normally find them cheap at Macy's or Kohl's. The best optimal water temperature for tea should be around 180-200°F. 


The tea cups retain the same design from the teapots. After you pour the tea it normally takes about 2 to 4 minutes for the tea to set in. I like when my room is filled with aroma of rich tea leaf. Beside health benefits I feel much more relax after a much stressful week. 




Heres a look at the entire tea set. The set looks clean and easy to clean up. I doubt I will be using this set every sunday, but it does look to have it on display. The base does have a nice build quality to it, its strong but also seem pretty light. 



This history of tea is long and complex, but it is the most drink beverage around the world. There are just endless type of teas,  In Japan, Tea is often associated with Zen Buddhism mainly because priests drank tea to stay awake and meditate. 





The drinking cups included guideline of how much water you need to pour to have the optimal flavor. The cup does gets really hot, but it quickly cools down after the initial 2 to 4 minutes for the tea to set it. 




The whole set makes my sun room feel like one of those tea houses in many parts of china. Thanks to Starbucks many of those tea house now also serve latte and hot chocolate.




Another reason that I drink Green Tea is that it suppose to help with your retina, with my job contain mostly staring at a computer 8 hours a day its important that I keep my eye healthy. There are numerous other benefits of drinking tea, so its never bad to start drinking tea. Site like Teavanna really helps if you want to explore the world of Tea Leaves.  




Hopefully this entry is somewhat insightful on the topic of tea that maybe you can start enjoying the benefits of drinking tea. A good kettle and a decent water filter system can be found relatively cheap especially during those Macy's year end sales. Maybe i do entry on kettles late on, but a decent kettle should be only around 30 to 50bucks. in term of tea leaves, the possibilities are endless, you can find your normal asian teas in those asian markets, and sometime even in your local supermarket. You can join sites like Steepster to join a whole community of people who are interested in sharing their favorite tea recommendation. So go out and have yourself a cup of tea!