Anime Weekend Atlanta | Part 1

This past weekend I got to experience my first anime/comic related convention at the Anime Weekend Atlanta, it was held at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Atlanta. Thank god that me and my friend pre-registered for the event and that we only have to pay about 30 dollars for all three days.

At first, I thought the attendance might be small compare to something like Comic Con.. but boy was I wrong! The place was packed! The entire hotel was full of dedicated Anime Fans, but the most awe inspiring site was to see everyone in their amazing cosplay costumes. You can tell when someone took the time and effort of making their costume by the number of admiring fans asking for their photograph. 

so without further ado, here's my little weekend journey...



The drive from Memphis to Atlanta was about 6 hours if you took the Birmingham route. We missed friday mainly cause of work, but the major events are always during the weekend. 




By the time we got there it was already packed, so it was quite difficult to find a decent parking spot. It was nice that parking was free around the hotel. 

DSC_3564 copy.jpg

Before we goto the entrance, the atmosphere already started to feel like an anime convention.   

DSC_3477 copy.jpg

Almost all of the Renaissance Hotel look pretty much the same.  

DSC_3425 copy.jpg

Once you inside, it was just filled with people! lets see how many characters you can name in the picture above.  

DSC_3378 copy.jpg
DSC_3382 copy.jpg

One of the first thing we saw was this life like GLaDOS from portal, it was so real that I thought the dude in the coat was actually a employee from Valve. Cosplay from Portal seem like a big theme this I saw at least 10 or more people dressed up in orange running around with a portal gun. 

DSC_3391 copy.jpg

This kid did an amazing job on been Sora from Kingdom Hearts. During the whole event I was deciding on getting a Key blade....but due to my budget I gave up in the end. 

DSC_3381 copy.jpg

Here's one of the Korra/Last Airbender Group, it's cool to see group cosplays as they really bring out the atmosphere of the shows. 

DSC_3420 copy.jpg

Taking about Korra, I believe this girl here did the best cosplay of Korra at the convention.  

DSC_3393 copy.jpg
DSC_3742 copy.jpg

Just like Korra, here's two of hundreds Luffy at the convention. Beside Naruto and Bleach, One Piece seem to be a big hit this year. We end up catching the new One Piece movie called Strong World at the Convention. 

DSC_3397 copy.jpg

I love that at conventions people want you to take photo of them, so that I don't feel like a stalker walking around with a huge camera.  

DSC_3495 copy.jpg

March Go! Go! Go! It wouldn't be an anime con without some Speed Racer.  

DSC_3507 copy.jpg

and some Gundams

DSC_3417 copy.jpg

and some Adventure Time  

DSC_3610 copy.jpg

and some R2D2..........wait what?  
seriously this R2 unit was the main attraction of the show. 

DSC_3603 copy.jpg

The exhibition hall was full of dealers, mostly selling anime related items. I got lucky to snatch of these totoro's before they were all sold out.  

DSC_3600 copy.jpg

Some cool Last Airbender poster inspired by the show.   

DSC_3604 copy.jpg
DSC_3408 copy.jpg

So many goodies that its impossible not to be buy. My friend came here saying hes not gonna buy anything, but in the end he walked out with bags of stuff.  

More to come..