Life: Color Run 2013


Two weeks ago I got the chance to run my first 5k race at the annual Color Run. I've been jogging on and off since my high school years, but never got serious since I wasn't training or competing for a race. Back in my high school years I can manage about 5 to 8 miles easily, but now its a struggle to even run 2 to 3 miles. The result was that I took a huge gap during my college years as I got lazier and ran only few times during the year. 

This summer I made a promise to myself that I would get back into running and hopefully get back to the shape that I was back in high school. After the first run... I come to the sad realization that I was clearly out of shape....I can't even finish 1/2 of a mile. I've been keeping track of my runs with the Nike+ app ever since I got my iPod touch back in 2009,  it showed me that its been more then a year since my last run. I concluded that its seriously time for me to get back into shape. I am not in my teens anymore which mean I really need to take control of my body and live a healthy life style. My dad has always told me that the yin and yang of life is to balance the three main elements which are diet, exercise, and sleep. 


My training from May till the day of the race

My training from May till the day of the race


It nearly took me a month to able to jog a mile without stopping, as I was too embarrassed to track my runs since it was a joke as I was walking most of the time.  I started my training the beginning of May and by the end of June I was able to run close to 1.5miles. Took me another month or so to get to 2.5miles. After three months I was finally able to jog for 2miles without feeling like dying at the end. By august I was slowly getting to the 3miles territory and then out of nowhere I got a text from a friend of my saying would I like to participate in this year color run.

If you don't know what color run is just watch the video below. 




The Race was at the end of october which basically mean I have about a month time to get myself to run 3.15miles. I was able to run 2.5 miles without a problem, but that extra 0.6 mile is still a big challenge for me. I start to training like crazy from month of september to october.

Since I have to work during the daytime almost all of my training would happen after I get off work, which is around 8 to 9pm. I actually like jogging at night since theres a lot less people and its actually more peaceful. Though sometime I would run into the occasion get attack by dogs, but eventually I kinda became friends with them. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.25.47 PM.png

 Here is a look at my records from last few years, as you can see the fastest mile was back in the Fall of 2010.





 By end of September I finally able 5k, but my time was close to the 40min range. My main goal for the race was able to run a 5K under 30min. It was easy to get down the time form 40min to around 32min, but from 32min to 30min was just impossible!

 I have never considered my time during all my past runs, since I was just happy that I got myself to exercise. The closest time I ever got to my goal was on Oct 7 when I ran the time of 30:33. I started to run farther hoping that I can decrease my time, but it just made it worse. 


The Dye is Cast - Kelly Jeu

The Dye is Cast - Kelly Jeu

Finally it was the day of the race. Above are my teammates and our team name was called  The Dye is Cast.   The morning of the race was really cold and with my lack of common sense I decided to wear my running shorts. It was a huge turnout that day that I believe to a thousand people came out for the run. 

I didn't take photos during the run, but I did took some with my new iPhone during the celebration after the race.



By the time I got to finish line it was already filled with people who can probably jog 5k in like 24min.  


Colors was just everywhere. It was fun to see everyone so activate on a saturday morning. 


it was cool to see all the color powder just coming towards like a storm.


Here's my attempt of trying out the new burst mode on my iPhone. 


don't worry my phone was in my running case when i took these . 


zombie apocalypse.


my friends are in there somewhere.. 


That day was just gorgeous! so glad it wasn't a raining day.


Feel like Memphis in May. 


It was quite amazing that some of these kids that can easily run a 5k. 



Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 1.16.33 AM.png

My final time was 31:13 but I think I started the clock a little bit too early so its probably around 30min when I cross the finish line. 

I gotta say the race was probably the most fun I had this year, and if I am still in Memphis next year I will be defiantly doing it again. I think my old obsession for jogging has came back, but hopefully I wouldn't let it go like last time. I know that winter is coming up which means is going to more difficult to get out and jog, but hopefully my spirit will keep me to not give up.