Two weeks ago I got the opportunity to do my first ever photo-shoot for a lovely couple. I've known HV since my college years and we been buddy ever since. From MMORPG to Pokemon I guess things haven't change that much from then and now. (haha) I normally decline people when they ask me to do photo-shoot since I believe my skills isn't there yet, but as a goal for this year I was gonna go out of my comfort zone and explore something new. 

We goto Shelby Farm just a little before sunset and thankfully the weather was beautiful that day. Since I mostly shoot landscape and still objects in the past I don't have to worry about the setting as much, but for this shot I was mostly in aperture priority mode. I was gonna just use my trusty old 50mm for this shoot, but I end up bringing the zoom lens anyway since I want to capture some of the scenery around the farm. 

I want to thank HV and Oanh for their patience with me and remind me that food comes first in life. 

Ok, here we go. This is HV and Oanh.


The light was a little harsh when we first got there, but once started shooting things just kinda fall into place.

Well Hope you enjoy this series. It was really a new learning experience for me and i do hope I can do photo shoot in the near future...if I ever find time. 

 Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

I took this from my iPhone to witness just how beautiful the weather was for that day.