Anime Weekend Atlanta | Part 2


After lunch break, two of my friends went off to their card game tournament, in result I got the chance to do a little exploring in the area around the Convention. Since it was such beautiful day it be shame to spend the whole day inside.   


DSC_3622 copy.jpg

Thought the first thing we saw when we walked out was this NSA cosplay.  

DSC_3550 copy.jpg

This has to be the first road trip where the weather was on our side.  

DSC_3673 copy.jpg

Parking got a little better during the afternoon. 

DSC_3545 copy.jpg

Finally got to see the KIA Soul in person, and looking from the license plate the driver might be a That 70's Show fan.  

DSC_3554 copy.jpg

There were about many people outside as were inside. Numerous photo shoot were happening around the garden area. 

DSC_3647 copy.jpg

Such a beautiful little rest area outside the hotel.  

DSC_3382 copy.jpg

Some people took their cosplay a little bit too serious.  

DSC_3746 copy.jpg

Enjoyed some great live performance by the attendees.  

DSC_3658 copy.jpg

i gotta say that my vibrant color jogging shoes mixed well with the color theme around the convention.  


The hotel was surrounded by these glass reflective office buildings. Look quite nice during the day time.   


DSC_3712 copy.jpg
DSC_3704 copy.jpg

Just like everywhere...i tend to seem to wonder off to some weird places. I got to the parking lot for those office buildings before I started to head back.

DSC_3677 copy.jpg

Here's a better view of the hotel. 

DSC_3616 copy.jpg

Alright enough wondering...lets get back to AWA.  

DSC_3644 copy.jpg

not sure who she's cosplaying, but love the wings.  

DSC_3612 copy.jpg

Here's the owner to the R2D2 from part 1

DSC_3493 copy.jpg

still not sure if she is lara craft from tomb raider...or from street figher. 

DSC_3492 copy.jpg

Deadpool. enough said.  

DSC_3755 copy.jpg

Probably my favorite shot from the convention. Like I said there were many people dressed up as luffy.  

DSC_3580 copy.jpg

Feeding all the attendee is not an easy task, the line was mile long and the wait took forever.  


DSC_3470 copy.jpg
DSC_3466 copy.jpg
DSC_3753 copy.jpg

As you can see Attack on Titan was also pretty big at the convention.  

DSC_3793 copy.jpg

I guess the best for last. This guy came in as a huge Oreo!  

Overall I has a great at this year AWA, mainly this was my first experience at any comic/anime related convention. My plan for going to comic con this year didn't fall through, so this was sort my backup. I will definitely return next year and hopefully have a costume ready.